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Yearout Associates, Inc.

The following are brief descriptions of current or recent projects developed by David L. Yearout, AICP.

Updated the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations in 2001.  Assisted in the administration or the regulations following the devastating tornado of 2007.  Little adjustment needed to allowing redevelopment to occur.

Working to update the regulations to provide realistic standards for rural development compatible with the desire to maintain the agricultural character of the County.  Special concerns with existing, small-lot developments lacking services.

Updating the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations to implement recent Comprehensive Plan that encourages maintenance of agricultural character while allowing development.  Challenges from past lake developments and pressures on Highway corridors.

Updated Zoning and Subdivision Regulations and the Sanitation Code to provide pragmatic development standards for rural development compatible with the ability of the County to provide services.  High impact from ethanol plant and past development patterns.

Working to update the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations to provide for realistic standards that allow contemporary development while providing flexibility in the older and historic sections of the City and surrounding Baker University.

City of Greensburg, Kansas

Seward County, Kansas

Jefferson County, Kansas

Dickinson County, Kansas

City of Baldwin City, Kansas

Project List

Maple Leaf LogoDickinson County Courthouse in Abilene, Kansas.  Photo by Susan Howell.Mighty Samson bridge over the Cimarron River in Seward County, Kansas. Photo by Susan HowellJeffrson County Courthouse in Oskaloosa, KS.  Photo by Susan Howell.

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